Delicious is a social bookmarking site.

  • Social in this case does not mean that it is like facebook or MySpace or Twitter. It means that it is an online place for you to store & tag web links and you can access those links from any computer or smartphone with internet access anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to save the links ON your home computer and send them to you school computer or vice versa.
  • What makes it a social networking site is that you can share your links with others (but you can still make each link private if you prefer) You can search the links of others especially online coordinators or others with interests similar to yours (other teachers or family for instance)

Classroom possibilities:
  • save and tag all the website links you would use for a specific class or unit
  • When students are doing research or have an online assignment, give them the user name for your delicious account and what tag you are using for that assignment.
  • Links to an article students are to read outside of class time.
  • Links to classroom blogs, study sites or club web links.(Nat'l FFA for example)
  • Students could send you links to add (they can't change your links unless you give them the password)

  • Save and tag those links that you know you won't use for a while, or you see on Twitter or a list-serv and save to visit later.

  • You might create 2 accounts, 1 for you personally and 1 for your classroom

This is from the homepage and example of the "hot" bookmarks of the moment: