A great how to about the many tools available in Google Docs:

Google has an unbelievable offering of tools that are adaptable for the classroom. I may spend the rest of the year dragging you through Google because they also have a Google for Edcuators section, and a Google Teacher Academy.

Google Docs has saved my tail many many times.

You can "google" "Google Docs" or you can go to the page and hover just inside the window at the very top left and some links will show up. You recognize some of them:
Web Images Videos Maps News Shopping Gmail __more__ �42�▼�43�

Click on the "more" and you will find:

Books Finance Translate Scholar Blogs Updates YouTube Calendar Photos Documents Reader Sites Groups even more »

For Google docs, click on Documents.
It's easier if you have a Google email account but I don't think you have to have one to use all these FREE tools but you will have to set up an account to store your documents.

Classroom use:

  • Save and write worksheets, tests, lists, schedules, recipes, directions, any classroom documents, store documents (save documents you already have, write documents and save here, you can upload Word and other types of files)

  • Access those documents from any computer or smartphone with internet access anywhere

  • You choose whether the documents are completely public (anyone can see and edit them)

    or completely private (only you--especially important for tests, quizzes and keys)

    or somewhere in between...

    only those with the link have access to see the document

    only invited people can see and/or edit the document (GREAT collaboration among a group of students that you

    control and can grade from anywhere)

How I use Google Docs(almost daily) (Susan)

  • Worksheets, quizzes, rubrics

  • Career Ladder & Professional Development logs

  • FCCLA yearly schedule

  • FCCLA Points system

  • Weekly Lesson Plans (then come to school and print them)

  • Sub Plans (")

  • Classroom Management and rules

  • Course Syllabi

  • PowerPoints

  • Recipes

    not only Foods class recipes but my family recipes are on here and my adult children have the links and can access them AND if I get to the store and can't remember all the ingredients, I can access such as:

    My Enchilada recipe: Shaybert's enchiladas

    Pioneer Woman Salsa: PW Salsa

  • Shopping Lists

    This is where I have especially saved myself... accidentally leave a shopping list on my desk at school and I don't have to drive back to school because I can access the shopping list on my iPhone.

Please add more ideas: