A "blog", abbreviated word for weblog, is a web-based journal in which people can publish their thoughts and opinions on the Internet.

Blogs have been around since 1997. You may have been reading one or some and not even know it was called a blog.

You can easily read all of your favorite blogs using an RSS feed (literally "really simple syndication") sent directly to your email inbox, or better yet, using a reader service such as Google Reader You can categorize your blogs and go visit when you want to (rather than plugging up your inbox).

Educational blogs are allover the cyber world.

Why follow an educator blog? Along with other web 2.0 tools, it can be instant professional development. Let me restate that, FREEEEE, 24/7, Personal, Customized, Professional Development, in your living room, in your pj's, on your smart phone, etc.

Here is a listing of the best MIDWEST education blogs of 2010, many from right here in Missouri:
(I forwarded this from Twitter so that I can add some I don't already follow to my Reader Feed)

There are classroom blogs; chapter blogs, personal blogs, teacher blogs, administrator blogs, blogs, blogs, and more blogs!

Seneca FCCLAhas a blog
Missouri FCCLA has a blog.
National FCCLA has a blog.
National FFA has a blog.
The Mizzou Dept of Financial Success has a financial tip of the week blog.
Disney Parks has a blog.

Here are 2 classroom blogs:

Wm Chamberlin's classroom blog
at Noel (Missouri) Elementary

Kathy Cassidy’s classroom blog 1st grade class in Canada(link below)

If you are interested in starting a blog for yourself or for your classroom or club, here's a little help:
How to start a blog

There are several different free hosts:


Blogger has a tour of itself