Block Posters

Block Posters is a site that was shared in an MSTA newsletter.

I tried it and it is NICE. I've used rasterbator previously and it is huugggge: the posters are over-pixalated and probably 20-30 pages of paper.

This poster maker is easy, fast, and a much more manageable size.

3 Easy Steps:

Your poster will print out in several copy paper pages. You just trim and tape together
(Scary example, huh?)
The USDA recently updated the old Food Guide Pyramid with the new and improved Choose My Plate. Of course the supplemental materials were not ready for the new school year so we had to come up with our own.
I used Block Posters to print out a poster and then took it to the Awesome Mrs. Hampton in the Media Center and she laminated it for me. We used it to teach the elementary students about the new program at the FFA Food for America.